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There are various specialty stores on the Gofuku no enmusubi street. There are many long-established stores with a history of more than 100 years. We sell and propose products that enrich your life, from clothing, food and living to culture and health.

A lot of festivals and events that represent Karatsu are held on the main street of Gofuku, the main street of Karatsu city with tradition and culture. Please visit us at the event.

the first
Sunday of
every month

Gofuku No Enmusubi Market

The market sponsored by the Gofukumachi Shopping Street takes place on the first Sunday of every month.
Place: Gofuku No Enmusubi Street


Karatsu Kunchi

Autumn regular festival of Karatsu Shrine. It is also the biggest festival held in Karatsu and one of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.
Place: the city center of Karatsu

Held 4
during July
and August

Saturday Night Market

The night market takes place at Karatsu Central Shopping Street on Saturday in every summer.
Place: Karatsu Central Shopping Street

April 29 -
May 5

Karatsu Yakimon Festival

An exhibition sale of Karatsu wares. Some craft potters and local restaurants collaborate to serve a fine meal.
Place: the city center of Karatsu

On the Gofuku no enmusubi street,there is a warmth of people who value face-to-face sales,and reliable technology as a specialty store,that are not found in large stores. We offer an experience program to let you enjoy the unique charm of the specialty store in the shopping street.

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