The Gofukumachi shopping street in the center of Karatsu has been removed the arcade and reborn as the ‘‘creating bonds with five kind of happiness '' with wish of bringing together locals, and also tourists to create a conversation and relationship naturally . We aim to be a shopping street that connects you with the theme of five happiness.

First happinessClothing

There is one of theory that the Gofukumachi shopping street was named with the wish of becoming a shopping street lined with kimono shops. As the name suggests, unique clothing stores, bag stores and shoe stores are still open today. We enrich your heart,make your appearance gorgeous,and create bonds of fashionable pleasure.

Second happinessFoods

Gofukumachi Shopping Street is a hidden “Sweets Street” lined with long-established confectioneries. And also, Karatsu Tourist Association's signature confections, Shoro-manju and castella, Karatsu tea and seaweed from Saga are also great souvenirs. In addition, the restaurant loved by locals boasts local favorites and izakaya(Japanese pub) where you can enjoy fresh seafood and local sake.We will connect you to delicious time and proud taste.

Third happinessDwelling

The Gofukumachi shopping street has stores that support lifestyles. Specialty stores that electronics store,interior shops,clock shop,and stationery shop coordinate your life richly. From memorial products to original products, we will connect you to rich living.

Forth happinessCulture

The Gofukumachi shopping street is Yakimon(wares) Street, where shops dealing with Karatsu ware are lined up. A wide variety of Karatsu wares are gathered here, from popular potters representing Karatsu to young potters. In addition, Go classes and exhibitions of photographs and art are also held regularly. As a cultural dissemination center in the town, we will connect you to the culture of Karatsu.

Fifth happinessHealth

There is an osteopath and a facility for people with disabilities in the Gofukumachi Shopping Street, which supports mental and physical health.Ans also, there are recreation facilities for billiards, darts, and music.So,you can refresh your daily fatigue. By connecting clothes, food, living and culture, we will create the shopping district where energetic people gather and it makes people energetic.

Gofuku No Enmusubi Doji

I'm waiting for
you on the
Gofuku No Enmusubi

"Gofuku No Enmusubi"
refers to "creating bonds with five
kind of happiness" in Japanese. We hope to
create bonds of happiness for local people and
tourists via five concepts: clothes, food, housing,
culture and health on the Gofukumachi Shopping Street. The Gofuku No Enmusubi Shrine with
the "Enmusubi Doji" is a symbolic spot of these
bonds of happiness. Visitors can drop
by and pray for their happiness.
Who knows if your prayers
will come true.